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Eviction Secure
Closing the door on unlawful tenants.

Our Offering

Eviction Secure is a membership-based solution servicing immovable property owners. Providing peace of mind and upholding the rights of the property owner and the written lease agreement.

Our model allows you to protect your property investment through a small monthly membership fee.

Legal Fees

Opposed or unopposed, Eviction Secure will cover all the legal fees, from the initial letter,  through to the order of Court.

Legal Proceedings

Our experienced property law legal practitioners will assess your particular situation, provide advice, motivate the tenant to rectify the breach, and if needed obtain an Eviction Order from Court.

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Our Typical Clients

Serving both the property practitioner as well as the property investor (landlord).


Property Practitioner

Are you a property manager to a book of landlords? Are unlawful tenants a concern? Spending to much time phoning up defaulting tenants?



You’ve worked through recessions, pandemics and tough economic conditions to earn a return in property. What is the impact of an illegal tenant on you? How will you cost-effectively manage an eviction?



Looking at participating in the property market and a tenant model? The possibility of illegal tenants a concern?

See how we can assist you

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