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Trust the property eviction experts

What we do

We Provide Services for Various Customers

Eviction Secure services immovable property owners and their appointed agents. Providing peace of mind and upholding the rights of the property owner and the written lease agreement.

01.Property Practitioners

Why We were Formed

Following the Covid lockdown period the need for evictions escalated drastically. However, due to the harsh economic climate Matt observed that the majority of homeowners had to be extremely economical with what they could afford for legal fees to regain possession of their properties.

Quoting on evictions is also extremely difficult due to the large variance in number of hours that will be required to evict tenants, as well as unpredictability of how many court appearances will be required – usually at the expense of the property owner.

Informed tenants can manipulate the lenient South African eviction laws and rules frustrating the process and delaying the inevitable outcome. Increasing loss of rental and dramatically increasing the number of legal hours spent.

Splitting the eviction process into two phases at a set fee for each phase Matt could offer that the landlord pays for a result without having the fear of receiving large legal invoices every month – thus defining and levelling the landlord-lawyer relationship.

This set charge approach quickly gained traction receiving extensive positive client feedback with disputes resolved at a fraction of the traditional legal costs.

From this set fee approach and Matt’s longing to assist as many people as possible the idea that is the Eviction Secure solution was born.

For less than two McDonalds meals per month your eviction woes are a thing of the past.

Matt Smit

Matt is the driving force behind Eviction Secure.

Matt is an admitted attorney with more than a decade’s post admission experience. He spent the earlier part of his career providing High Court litigation representing the Banking Industry. In 2016 Matt elected to laser focus on his passion for real estate law. Assisting large estate agencies Matt has gained extensive experience in conveyancing, eviction and dispute resolution.


Our Offering

Eviction Secure is a membership-based solution servicing immovable property owners. Providing peace of mind and upholding the rights of the property owner and the written lease agreement.

Our model allows you to protect your property investment through a small monthly membership fee.

Legal Fees

Opposed or unopposed, Eviction Secure will cover all the legal fees, from the initial letter, through to the order of Court.

Legal Proceedings

Our experienced property law legal practitioners will assess your particular situation, provide advice, then either obtain an eviction order or attach your unlawful tenant’s moveable property as security for outstanding rent.

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